Ideas about trees and human beings"

About a year ago, I found an old decaying root and took it home. When I was cleaning the clay off the root, I saw that it was home to many ants, their eggs, other very small animals, and^ a lot of fungus. At this time, I felt very strongly once again how great a thing a tree is.

Decaying trees return to the earth, and the earth feeds countless living things. Does a human being die naturally like a tree does? Do we feed other lives with our wisdom and spirit as we age? What is the difference between a human lifetime and a tree's lifetime? What is the difference between a human death and a tree's death? Has the way we live changed? Has the natural progression and quality of our lives been changed by technology, and modern society and living?

These are some of the things I was thinking and feeling when I made the works that are presented here in this exhibition.

Mineo Kuroda
March 1999